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Gofair Manual

Pls watch in computer, and view in full screen!

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Gofair Hands-Free Plan™

Gofair Hands-Free Plan™Page Brief Introduction: Gofair is the world leading platform in video auto-marketing projects. Company: Gofair Inc. is currently operating inSan Jose (Silicon Valley), CA, U.S.A. Members: 12500+ members from 100+ c

Buy Gofair's Hands-Free Plan™

Items Basic Plan Plan A Plan B Membership Fee USD 2175 /year Buy Now USD 4350 / year Buy Now USD 8700 / year Buy Now Max. Videos Upload to gofair 300/year 300 original English version 300/year 300 original English version 300/year 300 origi

Gofair Auto Video Editing

Adding English Caption and Dubbing can be a tough job, yet it has become more crucial in video marketing. Gofair provides Customized Video Editing Service for Plan B members. All you need to do is upload an Original Video and a Caption TXT