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Pay by T/T

◆ Before you pay, make sure you have read this carefully.

We accept T/T remittance to Gofair Inc's bank account in California U.S.A.

Notice: You will have to bear some extra remittance charge.

Or you can pay by Wechat, which is free from any remittance charge.

It takes 3 steps to pay by T/T.

Step 1: Remit in USD

Basic Plan: USD 2175

Plan A: USD 4350

Plan B: USD 8700

Corporate Plan: USD 39150

Pls remit the corresponding USD amount to following account.

Payee's Country: U.S.A.

Account Name: Gofair Inc.

Account Number: 8033011290

Account Address: 2880 Zanker Road, STE 203, San Jose, CA 95134

Bank Routing Number(for U.S. only): 322070381

Bank Swift Code(for international wires): EWBKUS66XXX

Receiving Bank Name: East West Bank

Receiving Bank Address: 9300 Flair Drive, 4th Fl. El Monte, CA 91731

Step 2: Notify & Provide Certificate

Go to your member center, Click Contact Gofair Button on the left, then upload:

1) screen capture of your payment to notify us. 

2) your certificate of incorporation.

Once your payment has been confirmed, your membership will be upgraded within 24 hours.


Step 3: Accreditation Process

In order to assure quality of Gofair members, newly paid member will undergo a 7-day probation period after your payment date. This process is called Accreditation Process.

Within this period, you may be required to provide additional company information, and upload at least 2 product videos.

Members who fail to pass our probation period, will be instantly deprived of his paid membership, and get 100% refund within 24 hrs.

Tips: Typical reasons for not passing Gofair's Accreditation include: unable to supply adequate or credible company information, surplus industry, illegal product, lack of enough computer knowledge...etc.

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Gofair, Global Online Fair.

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Buy Gofair's Hands-Free Plan™

Items Basic Plan Plan A Plan B Corporate Plan Membership Fee USD 2175 /year Buy Now USD 4350 / year Buy Now USD 8700 /year Buy Now USD 39150 year Buy Now Max. Videos Upload to gofair 300/year 300 original English version 300/year 300 origin