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How does video uploading work?

Video Uploading:

Gofair supports original video in any form, such as: mp4, mpeg, mov, flv, avi...You name it.

Once you have uploaded your video to gofair's cloud server, transcoding will take place. 

By the way, cloud server is to ensure quick loading & uploading anytime anywhere, which makes it perfect for international video marketing.


Transcoding normally takes only minutes, then your video will appear at the front end.  Auto-translation takes normally several hours to complete.

We will not add any ads or watermark to your video.

Video Downloading:

You can download your uploaded HD video at anytime simply by right click "save video as" when playing that video.


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Items Basic Plan Plan A Plan B Corporate Plan Membership Fee USD 2175 /year Buy Now USD 4350 / year Buy Now USD 8700 /year Buy Now USD 39150 year Buy Now Max. Videos Upload to gofair 300/year 300 original English version 300/year 300 origin