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 English  SXAE-408 unmatchable custom Servo Rotary 6 color Pad Printing Machine

Product name: Servo Rotary 6 color Pad Printing Machine
1. servo driven rotary 6 color pad printing, print images and words on red wine bottle, alcohol bottle, glass cup, stainless cup etc, automatically print 6 color in one process.
2. 12 position with jigs, rotary turntable, fast printing speed, print any position.
3. PLC control, huge touch screen HMI (human-machine interface), automatic vertical loading and unloading, no product no print, hot air curing, any area rotary print, pad print.
4. Servo motor control for rotary jigs, print any position.

Printing speed: 2100 - 2400 Pieces/hour (adjustable for different shape and print image)
Max Size of article: Diameter 20-100mm, Height 80-280mm
Max Width of square bottle: 100mm
Compressed air pressure: 5-7 bar
Machine dimension: L2600*W4350*H2200mm
Power: AC 380V, 3-phase, 50HZ/60HZ, 19KW
electric UV and hot air/heating dry and LED UV optional,precisely print image and graphic, simple operation, accurate registration,
provide printing solutions for glassware; plastic products; pharmaceutical,
print almost any substrate, good adhesion and opacity ink for printing,OEM and custom fully automatic screen printing machine and technology.high intensity UV light cure,famous brand for pneumatic components and electron components,R&D fully automation screen printing machine and technology,polyurethane squeegee resistant to harsh chemical ink,
high durometer of squeegee,unmatchable customized servo motor drive turntable 6 colors pad printing equipment and solutions
hopper; elevator loading; bowl feeding optional, visual and optical fiber register optional,
printing head; mesh frame; rotation; container up/down; jigs ;shaft with best accuracy
security system of safety sliding door, counting system optional,
carousel/conveyer unit quickly, quickly changeover, more efficient production,

SX Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Major Products: 

Fully Automatic Disposable Plane and N95 Medical Mask Machine

Fully Automatic Screen Printing/Hot Stamping Equipment

Fully Automatic Heat Transfer/ Pad Printing Machine  

Fully Automatic Assembly Line

Fully Automatic Leak Detection Mechanism

Office Address: 

18C, Building 4, Area A, MingHao LiCheng, ShangXing South Road, XinQiao Street, Bao’An District, ShenZhen City, China.

Factory Address: 

No 379 ChangFeng Street, GuangMing New District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China.

Contact: Lillian Zhang  (International Business Developer)

Tel 0086-13357135557

Whatsapp: +86 13357135557

Wechat: foreverDforever

Email: lillian@sxautomatione.com

Contact: Lisa (International Sales)

Email: lisa@sxautomatione.com


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