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3 most common but fatal mistakes in global marketing

Mistake Number 1: NOT Using Multilingual Marketing

Each day, around half of the web searches in the world are in Non-English keywords. 

If you neglect multilingual marketing, you have closed the door to half of your global potential customers.

Gofair supports Auto-Translation into 104 languages, covering 99% of the global market.

Mistake Number 2: NOT Using Video Marketing

There is no better way to demonstrate your product than a short video. 

All Gofair members understand that video is the key to a successful inquiry.

Mistake Number 3: Using ONLY ONE Platform

Nowadays, it is impossible to succeed by using only one platform.

Gofair has combined Multilingual Marketing, Video Marketing, Website Building, Google SEO etc.

We help you to shoot from various angles to the goal.

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Gofair, Global Online Fair.

Brief Introduction: Gofair is the short form of Global Online Fair. Slogan: Broadcast to the World. Motto: Wisdom comes first. Languages Supported: 104