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 English  SX-921SB High-speed servo patent disposable flat mask machine, Chinese manufacturer

SX-921SB High-speed servo patent disposable flat mask machine, Chinese manufacturer
Features: Main machine (automatic folding/insert nose bridge/ultrasonic fusion of sheet edges/sheet cutting) combined with an ear line welding machine with counting and stacking. Upgraded machine is 7 servos instead of the cylinder, the machine performance is more stable, low maintenance costs. Smaller size saves space, make it easier for customers to install. patented technology CE standard. Cloth correction system.
Parameters: Model: SX-921SB
(1)Machine size: 4210mm long * 2280mm wide * 1985 high
(2) Total machine weight: about 1150KG
(3) Production mask specifications: 175mm * 95mm (adult)
(4) Production speed: 85 pcs / min (over 5000 pcs / hour)
(5) Power supply: single-phase AC 220V 50HZ 9.8KW
(6) Air source: 5 --- 7bar (air supply above 180L / min)
(7) Control method: PLC control + touch screen operation
mask specifications: maximum 3 layers, 175mm * 95mm .
raw material specifications: The outer layer is necessary waterproof non woven which always blue color, ---- 195mm * 36g , The middle melt-blown----195mm width* 28g , Inner layer is normal nonwoven---200mm * 18g. The thin rubber strip inside the mask to fix it on the bridge of the nose, general specifications: 110mm * 0.80mm etc
The machine power consumption in kilowatts: 10 kw *16-20 hours per day (maximum 20 hours). other consumption each month can be neglected!
Disposable flat medical masks for use after disinfection!
COVID-19, Manufacture of disposable civilian / medical three-layer protective masks.

SX Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

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18C, Building 4, Area A, MingHao LiCheng, ShangXing South Road, XinQiao Street, Bao’An District, ShenZhen City, China.

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No 379 ChangFeng Street, GuangMing New District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China.

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