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 English  6-color high-precision screen positioning printing, with top printing and QR code detection,China

SXAE-616 6-color high-precision screen positioning printing, with top printing and QR code detection,Chinese manufacturer.
This machine is a general-purpose servo turntable screen printing equipment, which is suitable for large-area screen printing of irregular objects such as wine boxes, red wine bottles, oil barrels, and water glasses.
Technical features:
1. Turn on the power supply of the 6-color screen printing machine and turn on the machine control buttons.
2. Manually put the glass bottles to be printed on the feeding conveyor belt.
3. The 6-color screen printing machine feed manipulator will automatically load the workpiece into the clamping fixture after the alignment vision.
4. When the turntable rotates to enter the next station, the image vision locates the bottle mouth twice.
5. The turntable of the 6-color screen printing machine rotates in turn to perform, the first color screen printing respectively, the first color LED UV dry solid. the second color screen printing, the second color LED UV lamp Dry solid. third color screen printing, third color LED UV lamp dry solid. fourth color silk screen printing, the fourth color LED UV lamp is dry. the fifth color screen printing, the fifth color LED UV lamp is dry. the sixth color screen printing, the sixth color LED UV lamp is dry.
6. The material is automatically discharged by the unloading manipulator of the 6-color screen printing machine, and placed on the conveyor belt.
7. The feeding conveyor is sent out, and the printed bottles are collected manually.
8. The entire 6-color screen printing plus pad printing process is completed.
Technical parameters:
1. Maximum diameter of printing round bottle: ∅82mm
2. Maximum height of printing round bottle: 300mm
3. Printing speed: 35PCS/minute (2100/hour)
4. Power source: 3∅ 380V 50HZ 32KW
5. Air source: 5--7bar

ShenZhen SX Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

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Room 716, Building 2, Vanke Xingchen Building, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

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No 379 ChangFeng Street, GuangMing New District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China.

Contact: Lillian Zhang  (International Business Developer)


Whatsapp: +86 13357135557

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Email: lillian@sxautomatione.com


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