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 English  EU license plate, 3-color linear screen printing machine, suitable for large-area color printing

SXAE-163 3-color linear screen printing machine,suitable for large-area color printing
Technical features:
Includes automatic feeding system, automatic static electric dust removal, surface flame treatment, single color, two-color, three-color automatic printing systems, LED UV drying systems, no item no printing system, low pressure alarm system, automatic finished product discharging conveyor belt. Multi-function fully automatic.
(According to customer needs, can adopt servo motor with ball screw and linear guide to coordinate the lifting;servo motor with ball screw and linear guide to coordinate the left and right printing)
technical parameter:
PLC control, touch screen operation easily.
Modular design of the whole machine, easy transportation and installation shift in workshop.
Customized according to product size.
The whole production line needs 3 people at most,
printing 535*120*12.0mm (535*135/140*12mm) plate frame.
Machine performance:
The normal printing speed of the whole production line is 16 times/min, which is 960 times/hour; If the working time is 10 hours, assuming that the driving rate is 75%, the daily production capacity is 7200PCS/ day; If the working time is 20 hours, assuming that the driving rate is 75%, the daily production capacity is 14400PCS/ day.
We pay attention to quality and details, the steel plate of our machine is 4MM thicker than the products of other suppliers.
The international standard wiring is marked with number (Matching electric circuit and gas circuit diagram). The entire chain workpiece has been blackened and hardly oxidized to protect the chain from rust and wear. The machine is made of 40*80 rounded aluminum profile edging. It does not scratch your hands or hurts people. The outline of the whole machine is smooth, use international and Chinese well-known brand accessories; safety doors; safety signs; cylinder protective covers; maintain the machine correctly and use the machine for more than 10 years.

ShenZhen SX Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Major Products: 

Fully Automatic Screen Printing/Hot Stamping Equipment

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Office Address: 

Room 716, Building 2, Vanke Xingchen Building, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Factory Address: 

No 379 ChangFeng Street, GuangMing New District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China.

Contact: Lillian Zhang  (International Business Developer)


Whatsapp: +86 13357135557

Wechat: foreverDforever

Email: lillian@sxautomatione.com


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